12 / 13 Dec 2014: Voices, noises, cut, fold and stick, by Rune Søchting

Voices, noises, cut, fold and stick
A response by Rune Søchting to the Writing Sound 2 collection.

Lydgalleriet Bergen. Writing Sound 2, Weekend 4
Friday 12th December, 13.00-15.00
Saturday 13th December, 13.00-15.00

For the final weekend of Writing Sound 2 at Lydgalleriet, Rune Søchting will activate the archive in the spirit of the season. Over two days the content of the archive will be explored: on Friday 12 December in relation to the presence of noises and voices, on Saturday 13 December as material for holiday decorations. Everyone is welcome to participate…

IMG_5050        unnamed-1

unnamed-3           unnamed-5

DSCN2275    DSCN2276

Streaming: http://www.multiplace.org:8000/lyd

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