Introducing the LYD Writing Research Residencies 2015/2016

LYD Writing Research Residencies

The two inaugural LYD Writing Research Residencies, supported and hosted by Lydgalleriet Bergen and curated by Daniela Cascella, begin this autumn.

Guest researchers for 2015/2016 are Dominique Hurth and Natasha Soobramanien.

As a follow-up and expansion of 2014’s Writing Sound Bergen, this project aims to explore a number of intersections, interactions and interferences that may occur between listening, reading, writing, translating, recording, silencing, conversing, with focus on performative and collaborative approaches and with emphasis on discursive and reflexive aspects.

During the Research Residencies, Daniela will work in parallel with Dominique and Natasha to develop a series of public outcomes in 2016.


In the format of exhibitions, editions and readings, Dominique Hurth is interested in the framing and reading of objects and events. Edison, Mathias Rust, Le Corbusier, Pavlov, Bayer meet France Gall, the countdown to zero, Sarah Bernhardt, Cessna, Mallarmé, Marilyn, or Heinlein, thus transporting historical data into a subjective voice over.

Natasha Soobramanien is a London-born, Brussels-based writer whose work has recently appeared in the form of a novel (Genie and Paul, published by Myriad Editions), a public event series exploring the interstices between art and literature (Plastic Words at Raven Row, London), an audio walk (Geryyphobia for The Serpentine Galleries, London) and currently, a collaborative novel, Diego Garcia, about the island of that name, to appear in instalments across various publications. Chapter 1 was published in Issue 12 of The White Review.

Daniela Cascella is a London-based Italian writer. Her research is focused on sound and literature across a range of publications and projects, driven by a longstanding interest in the relationship between listening, reading, writing, translating, recording and in the contingent conversations, questions, frictions, kinships that these fields generate, host or complicate.

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