The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings: 3 September, Bergen, Norway


The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings
by Daniela Cascella and Dominique Hurth
The LYD Writing Research Residencies, 2015/2016, produced by Lydgalleriet
The Explorer Lounge and Panorama Bar, MS Nordnorge
Hurtigruteterminal, Nøstegate 30, 5010 Bergen, Norway

3 September 2016, 17.30-19.00

Writer Daniela Cascella and visual artist Dominique Hurth invite you onboard the MS Nordnorge as she docks in Bergen on Saturday 3 September, for a conversation in three movements around the materials of their making and writing through surfaces and voicing, interference and resonance, bodies and shadows. Intertwining the voices and channeling the presence of Clarice Lispector, Roberto Calasso, Pauline Oliveros, Agnes Martin, Robert Ashley into their own movements, accents and muteness, the two performers sound out the moment in which wavelengths superimpose into greater amplitude before reaching a state of near-disappearance.

The encounter takes place in an architecture that physically and temporally interferes with the city landscape of Bergen: one of the cruise boats that populate the city harbour. In an arrangement of words, sounds, objects, recordings and props, along with the boat architecture, it invites the audience for a possible echoing of the performers’ voices from within the architecture of interference: a double interference, a parasite, a parallel frequency or its possible shadow.

Limited capacity: 30 guests. Please RSVP to: 

Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Poster design: Vasilis Marmatakis

The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings is the first public outcome of It Won’t Stop, It Goes On, a LYD Writing Research Residency that Daniela Cascella and Dominique Hurth undertook in 2015/2016. The Residencies were initiated by Cascella in 2015 with the aim of exploring a number of intersections and interactions that may occur between listening, reading, writing, translating, recording, silencing, conversing, with focus on performative and collaborative approaches and with emphasis on discursive and reflexive aspects. For more information about the residencies, please visit:

It Won’t Stop, It Goes On
What happens if we consider resonance and all it interferes with, as presence? If we consider listening, not as tracing back to a source, but as thinking through material and the way it can be darkened, muted? In this project Cascella and Hurth consider a plurality of resonances as materials that interfere with and shape perception. How does resonance take form and how does it cast a shadow, as it turns into an entity about to become autonomous from its emanating body? What voice does this shadow speak from, write from, sound like? When do we know when to breathe?
Having developed a sequence of moments within the context of a sound art gallery, Cascella and Hurth are interested in shaping and inhabiting spaces and forms beyond the confines of sound as an enclosed discipline: in proposing that the interferences of listening, voicing, silencing exist across words, bodies, materials. As a writer operating through listening, and as a visual artist operating through reading and materialising, they place this project in a line of thought that on a first level arises out of a succession of moments of mutual interference and resonance, and on a second level considers the implications of sound in silent media and the excess of time through materials.
The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings will be followed by Never State The Thing, But The Resonance of the Thing, and Moments of Silence, throughout 2017 and 2018.


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