Toward, by Ashaki M. Jackson, Bhanu Kapil, Jen Hofer, Mg Roberts

map by Tommy Poole


We responded to the word “neighbourhood”: to evoke worlds. Worlds in turn evoke us. Two of these neighbourhoods are in Los Angeles, one in the Bay Area (California), and one in Hayes, Middlesex (U.K.).  Invocations, works, the proximal, quartered maps.

To ward. To leak. To write.

To materialize: in four places.

At once. Dispersing. Into proximity.

From afar.


Bhanu Kapil & Jen Hofer

Ashaki M. Jackson, “Verde Verdant”
Bhanu Kapil, “Performance Notes: Hayes and Southall, Middlesex, U.K.”
Jen Hofer, “conditions (cypress park 90065)”
Mg Roberts, “a thousand pistils vibrates future”

Toward was commissioned by Daniela Cascella and Natasha Soobramanien for Smarginature.


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